Grey Olltwit's Disco MP3 & CD Player

Grey Olltwit's Disco MP3 & CD Player 2.5

This is a disco version of a usual DVD Player for Windows
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Some people are getting a bit bored with the DVD player in Windows, so the developer made a disco version with flashing lights and pounding speakers. Please, be aware that flashing lights can be harmful to some people (A warning is shown each time the program is run). You have the normal functions of a DVD player and the ability to change the speed and pattern of the lights. This program has now been updated to play lists of MP3 files automatically one after the other and you now don't need any other software installed to play them, as in the previous version. Plus, you can now look for MP3 files on your hard disks or DVD's etc. Also, a couple of 10 second snippets of free MP3 tracks downloaded from have been included. This is an excellent music resource.

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